Closing and reinitializing user form 
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 Closing and reinitializing user form

I am trying to create a Wizard in Project where the user has the option to
return from current form(frmDBx2) to a previous dialogue box (frmDBx1) to
reselect tasks- unfortunately because frmDBx1 originally contained the code
to show frmDBx2, frmDBx1 will not End Sub and Exit until frmDBx2 has been
terminated. So if user selects  'Back' option and the frmDBx2 runs the code then it will not End Sub and Exit until... well you get
the idea,  the problem is that I need get the first form to fully exit and
unload when it calls the second form so that if  'Back' is selected the
first form will initialise again.

I could create the code to go back from second form and exit form 1 if  and
when 'Back' option is selected but I am sure that there must be a more
elegant way as this must be a very common requirement.


Mon, 03 May 2004 21:06:09 GMT  
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