Sending email via Lotus Notes 
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 Sending email via Lotus Notes

I have some code that can send email via Lotus Notes, however, I need to be
able to change the font of the message body in certain places. Is this

Carl Poulton
   Dim MyNotes As Object
   MyNotesDB As Object
   Dim MyNotesMailDoc As Object

    Set MyNotes = GetMyect("", "Notes.Notessession")
    Set MyNotesDB = MyNotes.getdatabase("", "")

    Call MyNotesDB.openmail
    Set MyNotesMailDoc = MyNotesDB.CreateDocument
    Call MyNotesMailDoc.replaceitemvalue("SendTo", strwhoto)
    Call MyNotesMailDoc.replaceitemvalue("Subject", strSubj)
    Call MyNotesMailDoc.replaceitemvalue("Body", strBody)
So here I need to set the font of the strBody to something else ?
    Call MyNotesMailDoc.Send(False)
    MsgBox "Send mail OK", vbInformation, "Sender notes-mail..."

Sat, 11 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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