Are recordsets limited to any number of records? 
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 Are recordsets limited to any number of records?


I built a database to be able to search my slides. I use a form to type in
the data. About 50% of the fields are some kind of static, meaning that
they may change, but usually stay the same from slide too slide (e.g. box
of the slide, number of the slide in the box (increases by one from slide
to slide), location and journey it was taken on,...).

I created a VBA-module that opens a recordset, moves to the last record and
copies all the data from the last record into the new one. This works quite
fine until I had entered about 252 (+/- 2, I am not sure where Access
starts to count) records. Afterwards Access did not take the data from the
last record but from the 252th.

Well, 252 is damn near the maximum value of a variable of the BYTE type
(8Bit = 256 different values). I am not sure whether recordsets are limited
to about 250 records (but I cannot find anything about it in the
documentation), it is a bug in Access or I made some mistake.

Any comments are welcome.

I use the german release of Access 8.0 (Office 97).

If possible please reply by email as I normally do not read news.

tnx, Gunther Schlegel

Mon, 25 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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