Online Chats: Week of May 20-24 
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 Online Chats: Week of May 20-24

Get answers from some of the biggest names in business productivity,
including the people who created Office XP. Join them in daily online chats,
May 20 - 24 only.


Starting May 20th, the Office Web site (in conjunction with the CDDG
Community Team and the Office Marketing Team) will be hosting a week-long
community-oriented promotion called "Talk to Office." This promotion will
consist of a series of chats with Microsoft executives (including Jeff
Raikes), managers, and third-party experts, on various topics related to
Office. You can see the full calendar of events here:


We've lined-up a broad spectrum of topics aimed at hitting many of the key
customer segments for Office, including end user, developer, IT Pro, and
(soon to be added) small business.

Benefits to Customers for this event:

 * Direct contact with high-level Microsoft personnel who have direct
influence over the future development of our
  productivity software

 * Opportunity to talk directly with members of the Office product
development team about a broad range of topics relating
  to Office

 * Ability to get answers to specific questions about using and developing
solutions with Office

 * Introduction to the Office Community site, where they can get access to
monthly and biweekly expert columns, tips and
  tricks, newsgroups, and other content that helps them do their jobs

Rita Nikas
Microsoft Corporation

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