Word API fails with Japaneze versions? 
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 Word API fails with Japaneze versions?

Hi all,

I develop the add-in (WLL) for MS Word using CAPI.
One of the things it does - changing some menu items under "File" menu
(Open, Save, Save As, etc).
It removes native items and inserts its own ones (sounds like virus :).
To do this I provide strnigs "File", "Open"... as arguments to Word API
For localized Office versions I translate those strings.
It works fine for Russian Office, but fails with Japanese (the translation
seems to be correct).

Question: is it a known issue for Japaneze version or I have to do something
special in my code to make it work?
(I use MFC and CString to manage menu names; debug variable tooltips show
the correct values sent to functions).

Thank you,

Mon, 22 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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