Exporting from PowerPoint to Word, several troubles! 
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 Exporting from PowerPoint to Word, several troubles!

What I have is a Powerpoint presentation that has a word
document embedded in each Notes Page along with the slide
and Speaker's Notes placeholders.  I need to export the
whole thing to Word.  Ideally with the slides LINKED from
PowerPoint to Word, and for both the Speaker's Notes and
the embedded Word file I want to lift the TEXT and put it
directly into the Word document.  

OK, so I'm nutz, but that's the task.  Specific problems
are these two:  HOW do I enable PasteSpecial so that I can
paste the slides as links?   and   HOW do I get INTO the
embedded WOrd documents to select and copy that text.  I
am able to select the text in the Speaker's Notes

MANY thanks for any and all advice!

Wed, 23 Jun 2004 05:37:47 GMT  
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