VBA reference problem inside a SAX Basic IDE 
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 VBA reference problem inside a SAX Basic IDE

Hi Group --

I'm getting what I "think" is simply a missing reference type error
when running some VBA developed classes inside the SAX Basic IDE.

I have some text parsing wrapper classes that work great in both VB6
and Excel 2000 -- and even Excel '97 from time to time :o).   An
example is the following method:

        Public Function Left(ByVal nCnt As Long) As String
            Left = CStr(VBA.Left(m_szVal, nCnt))
        End Function

However, when I attempt to run this class in the SAX Basic IDE, i am
getting an error pointing to the "Left" function and saying
"expecting a var name".

           Left = CStr(VBA.Left(m_szValue, nCount))
                                          ^  expect var name

I do HAVE a properly set a reference to the VBA 6.0 DLL
    ( C:\windows\system\MSVBVM60.DLL), but the SAX IDE still is not
recognizing the "Left" VBA function.   In fact, it also chokes on the
"VBA.Mid" and "VBA.Right" functions too.

My best guess is that I need to set a reference to another DLL in
addition to the MSVBM60.DLL.

Any thoughts, tips, or pointers to reading material on what might
clear this up would be appreciated.


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Sun, 26 Sep 2004 11:43:29 GMT  
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