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 Doubleclick event

The Visio objeect model does not support a clicked, doubleclicked or
right-clicked event.   It does support a SelectionChanged event in which you
can the query the result(s) and determine what action to take.

Visio intends that you will place a call to an addon or procedure in the
"EventDblClick" cell of a shape to begin whatever actions you need to be
taken when a shape is clicked.

Michael J. Brun

> Hi,

> I am using the type library to interface to Visio
> 2000/2002, and am using a very messy workaround for the
> fact that I can't find a way of telling whether the user
> has selected, clicked, doubleclicked or even rightclicked
> a shape.

> Is there a way to do using events (or at all)?

> C

Wed, 10 Dec 2003 21:42:58 GMT  
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