Open Report with an SQL Criteria - Got It 
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 Open Report with an SQL Criteria - Got It

A little new to this, so any discovered solution is extremely exciting - had
to share.
The source of the variable criteria is a form with a series of unbound
checkboxes and option groups, which when selcted (or not) give me a sequence
of true and/or false which defines an If statement which attaches a preset
(in code) text to the existing SQL text string.
It builds up an SQL Where statement (strWhere) (ie WHERE Disposition = S{*filter*}
And DateClosed = Null, ORDER BY DateIn DESC...etc.) which I Attach to the
existing SQL of the Undelying Query of the Report (ie. QueryDef.SQL &
Then I use DoCmd.OpenReport to get the records selected,
Then reset the original SQL string to the QueryDef (Which I had saved/held).
Very Cool!!
One Query to drive several reports whose criteria is based on different
users criteria forms.

I love this stuff, wish I had started 5 years ago not 6 months ago. Would do
it for free (in fact I am) but hopefully not for to much longer.



>I'm close but I seem to be missing something.
>I have a function which builds an SQL string based on a user select option

>I then want to open a report, which is based on a query, with the SQL
>passed to the command used to open the report.

>I know I should (or believe I should) use "DoCmd.OpenReport"
>but I am having trouble with getting it to work.

>It's probably a syntax problem.

>I have verified that the SQL is correct by using a SQL scripter utility
>(provided with the VB Designer Handbook).

>The SQL string includes some ORDER commands, if this is any issue.

>Thanks for all help, in advance,


Sun, 02 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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