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 Security Signing

I did, Michael. It's in Microsoft Authenticode Format.


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>> I have purchased a digital signature from Thawte. I
>> downloaded the cert and went through the process of
>> installing it.

>Did you purchase a *code signing* certificate?  I

personally use a self-signed code signing certificate
(created using selfcert.exe) since I don't need to
distribute signed macros, just use them for my own

>> I followed the directions to sign my VBA code by:
>> the .dot file, opening VBA editor, clicking on Tools >>
>> Digital Signature. I selected the new cert, saved the
>> template, and closed it.

>> When I test the template by setting security to high, it
>> does not run the VBA code. When I reopen the template to
>> check it, it says there is no certificate saving it.
>> done it repeatedly to no avail.

>> Any suggestions on this? Thanks,

>> Gary

>Michael Harris
>Seattle WA US


Sun, 10 Apr 2005 08:10:13 GMT  
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