Meeting item when sent as item gives problems 
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 Meeting item when sent as item gives problems

Hi ,

I am using Outlook.appointment item and have customized the form by creating
my own buttons and linking them onto meeting's standard menu - i.e options
like send,insert file etc.

The problem I am facing is that on click of send - the meeting form(that i
have customized) gets sent in mail message and the format of controls on
that form doesn't
appear as desired and I thought of a solution but don't know how to code it

I wish to make the custom page invisible and the default (Appointmnet page)
to be visible.But don't know how to go about it...?
Also,I wish to know how can I change the value of Remarks field in meeting
item(Programmatically) when the meeting item is sent in mail..

Kindly help me out!!!!

Thanks in advance,

Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:34:36 GMT  
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