Access to Excel problem... 
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 Access to Excel problem...

I'm trying to export a table from Access 7.0 to Excel 7.0. I have no
problem exporting the file from a database to a spreadsheet (xls) format,
but what I do have a problem is opening up Excel. I did get it to open by
accessing the toolbar, but I know if I use the OutputTo() method, I can
have it open Excel with the file together. That's what I need.
     After I have Excel loaded with the file I just exported, I want to
have it Transpose all the cells in Excel, so instead of having the output
look like:

First Name | Last Name | Age | Birthday |
Gad           | Berger        |  19  |  05/27/78

I would like to have it load up looking like this:

First Name | Gad
Last Name  | Berger
Age            |  19 ........ and so on...

If anyone can help with this, please do, I've spent too much time trying to
figure this out.

Gad Berger

Mon, 20 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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