"Can't find project or library" error message 
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 "Can't find project or library" error message

I am running Office 97, and have developed an Access 97 database that I wish
to share with a friend.  They are running Office 95, and I told them that
they needed to be running Access 97 because the Access 95 database format is
different.  So they went out and purchased a stand-alone version of Access
97, which they loaded on top of their Office 95 (figuring that they'd keep
their Word 95 and Excel 95, but use Access 97).

However, when I load my .mdb file onto their system, it initially opens
correctly, until they do anything that requires running any of the VBA
code -- either in one of the separate Modules, or in one of the internal
procedures within a form.  Then, an error message comes up that says "Can't
find project or library", and clicking OK brings up another form that's
titled "References" and is full of check boxes.  (It also brings up the
"offending" code, and usually highlights one of the lines.)  There is NO
ERROR in the code; I can load it on any Access 97 system and do a Compile
All Modules, and it works fine.  EXCEPT on this one system.

What is the cause of the error message?  I can't find a reference to it
anywhere.  And does installing stand-alone Access 97 mean that I do NOT have
some files necessary to run VBA applications from within Access?  Is there a
conflict with Office 95?  Is there a way to get Access 97 to compile these
modules?  Where do I go from here?

Thanks in advance,
Frank D. Nicodem, Jr.

Sat, 01 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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