Inserting Data from SQL Server into MsgText when sending reply 
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 Inserting Data from SQL Server into MsgText when sending reply

Hi NG,

I'd like to create some VBA-code which should retrieve soma data from an SQL

Here's the procedure:
-User receives email
- User hit's reply button and receives the reply window
- here I need to display a button which - ehen hit - will
  - display a window asking for search criterias and with those retrieves
data from SQL server
  - converts the retrieved data and inserts it as text (in a formatted way)
into the reply
- User then hits send

Problem is:
- I'm an absolut beginner in Outlook programming

Hence my question:

is the above procedure doable?
How would I start?
Would I use the standard email form and modify it?
Is there any reference (books, internet) which would help here?

Thanks in advance

Thu, 03 Jun 2004 20:45:22 GMT  
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