Automating email function within Word 2000 using Access 2000 
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 Automating email function within Word 2000 using Access 2000

Hello All,

I have successfully been able to send an HTML file within Word 2000 manually
but not automated.  I can't seem to use mailmerge within the "To:" field
when the email button is selected so I thought I would write some VBA code.
My database containing the email addresses is in Access 2000.  Using VBA, I
plan to open the Word document, select the email button, place an email
address in the "To:" field and then press the send button.

So far, I can open the document and get the email format.  I cannot figure
out how to populate the "To:" field or send the file.  I've looked at Word's
objects and the email class isn't very helpful.  I've also tried
ActiveDocument.SendMail and DoCmd.SendObject but both opened a new email
message screen.  Can anyone help me with what seems to be a simple task?




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Wed, 03 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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