Invalid page fault with VBA332.DLL 
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 Invalid page fault with VBA332.DLL


Yesterday I started developing a small application in Access 97 and when I
started debugging a procedure I got the error specified on the subject of
this message. The error kept on appearing until I rebooted, after which it
reapeared, apparently without any pattern.

I have recently reinstalled my laptop and, aside from JBuilder 2, JDK 1.2.1
and McAffee's VirusScan, I installed IE 5 and MDAC 2.1. The Access 97 was
installed from Office 97 without any service pack. I had used this same
version of Access 97 on my previous installation (which lasted a whole year)
and had worked a lot with Access 97 and never had this error, either before
or after I applied Office's SP1 and MDAC 1.5.

I suspect IE 5 or MDAC 2.1 might have installed/upgraded some dll's which
started to conflict with vba332.dll, since from the dll's date it apparently
is not nearly as recent as these two products.

This situation is very much similar to another one in Access 95 which was
solved when Microsoft acknowledged the fault and rolled out a fixed
vba232.dll. But I see no sign of microsoft rolling out a similar fix for
this problem.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to fix this
WITHOUT reinstalling the whole thing.

Thanks again
Luis Faisco

Sun, 11 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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