Reverse Engineering - Complications? 
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 Reverse Engineering - Complications?

Everyone, thanks for your help.  Here's the situation.  I have a
software project that I am reverse engineering to get a basic flow
diagram.  I am using Vision 2002 Pro and Visual Studio 6.

I have got to the point where Visio has all the classes for the
project in the Model Explorer.  This is great except that I need to
have all those classes dropped onto a static structure page to show
all the connections (right?).  The problem is that I can only do one
at a time. So...

I am trying to build a VBA macro that will loop through and grab 1
instance of each class and drop in on the page.

This is my question: how do I access the Visio Model Explorer in VBA?
Or is there an easier way to do what I want?

Manually, there are over 500 classes.  Yes, it is probably a bad
design, but I didn't design it... However, I need it mapped.


Mon, 26 Sep 2005 02:33:06 GMT  
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