Need Help on Outlook 2000 Internet Email Account Setup Macro 
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 Need Help on Outlook 2000 Internet Email Account Setup Macro

In the small company where I work, we have about 35 PCs running win98se in
an NT domain. We are using Outlook2000 in MS Mail Postoffice for internal
email. There is NO Exchange Server running on the NT server; it just houses
a MS WGPO shared folder. Recently, we signed up to an ISP with individual
Internet email acounts for each user. As I beginning to manually install
these individual email accounts in Outlook2000, I realize that I have the
following problem:

The Windows98 PCs are used more or less like a terminal, accessing resources
on the NT server. A user may choose any one of serveral PCs to do his/her
daily work. Therefore, I must install several email acounts in each PC for
all the potential users of that PC. Even this won't work well at all,
because users will be able to read each other's email on the PC's that have
multiple accounts and confidentiality is a big thing here in this company.
So, I'm thinking that I need to find some way (a VBScript or VBA program)
that can reconfigure the Outlook for a particular user account (email
account name and password--and disable all other users account for that
session) on the fly as part of the login script that gets run when the user
logs on the NT server.

I'm a unix software developer but very new in programming in the MS world.
Would some one please point out a direction (a chapter of a book, a
reference artical in MS support site) or at least make a judgement on
whether this can be done at all? Any comment on this would be very much

Sun, 12 Oct 2003 15:15:42 GMT  
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