Writing table data to an existing spreadsheet 
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 Writing table data to an existing spreadsheet

That technique is know as automation and you need to set a
reference to the Excel type library.
With any code module open, go to Tools->References
and select Microsoft Excel <your version> Library

Dan Artuso, MVP

> Being fairly new to VBA, I have copied a chunk of code
> from another database to create an Excel GL Journal sheet,
> i.e. a number of header-type rows followed by multi rows
> of data, from an Access table.

> The original code runs fine in its own database but I
> get "User-defined type not defined" for the line

> Dim xlapp as New Excel.Application    'Starts up hidden
> excel application ERROR if excel already running

> Is it because there needs to be this "hidden application" -
>  if so, how do I create it - if not, what is it I'm
> missing ?

> Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Fri, 13 May 2005 09:36:32 GMT  
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