Suppress report save dialog after print setup? 
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 Suppress report save dialog after print setup?

Using Access 2.0
I have tried many way to prevent a user from being prompted to save report
changes after they have used print setup without success.
there have been some posts that indicate that this is possible, but I have
not been able to confirm any technique that works.
Reports in Speed Ferret do not prompt for saving when print setup is
changed, but I contacted Speed Ferret, where the tech support was kind
enough to check their code, and we were able to verify that this behaviour
is due to SF running as an add-in.

So I have two questions.
1) Does anyone know of a way to prevent the report save prompt in a secured
access 2.0 db (where the user does not have design permissions)?
2) Is it possible to have reports in an add-in/library database that refer
to tables/queries in the current database (not the library)?

Thanks for any help!

Sun, 29 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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