Extracting an email address from a form email 
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 Extracting an email address from a form email

I am moderating a big email list on yahoogroups. Membership is moderated. When
someone wants to join, yahoogroups sends a standard email that contains that
person's email address in the subject line. I attached a sample email below. I
want to extract that email address from the subject line and use it to email a
form letter to that person explaining what they need to do automatically from the
server. I am using Outlook 2K and I am able to create rules that can send the
email to a "fixed" email address and I want to use the address from the
yahoogroups email instead.

How do I do that? Can it be done?

Thanks a lot in advance!!! :)


From: Yahoo! Groups Notification
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 3:14 PM


A user with the following email address would like to subscribe
to the utepi group:

This subscription request requires your approval because the
utepi group is configured to restrict membership. This
means that a moderator must approve each new member. This user
will not become a member of the utepi group unless you

Sat, 15 Nov 2003 14:08:31 GMT  
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