Protected Forms and Text Form Fields 
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 Protected Forms and Text Form Fields


I'm trying to design a form that has a number of fields and a number
of 'labels' (i.e. areas that can't be edited). I've been using
TextFormFields for the editable areas, but have noticed that as soon
as I protect the form, the user can no longer use any type of
formatting (bold, italic, fonts, new tables, etc etc). However if I
don't protect the form then the user can alter the parts of the form
they're not meant to, including deleting the TextFormFields, and
entering text before and after the TextFormFields.

Is there any way I can both protect the form and let the user have
full access to all of Word's authoring and editing functionality in
certain areas?

If not, what is the best of way of tackling this kind of thing?

Thanks loads,


Tue, 16 Mar 2004 00:17:31 GMT  
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