"Object library feature not supported"??? 
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 "Object library feature not supported"???

I had to recover from a system crash today by running Windows 2000's
emergency repair procedure. Later I got the "Object library feature
not supported"  error message from a macro which I wrote several
months ago, and use every week. The "help" says:

>It's possible to have features in an object library that have no
>equivalent in Visual Basic. This error has the following cause
>and solution:

>An attempt was made to access an object library data type or
>function that can't be supported by Visual Basic.

>Contact the creator of the object library for more information on
>when it is appropriate to use the object library, and the tools
>with which it should be used.

The "object library" in question appears to be Internet Explorer.
(Specifically, the error occurs on an assignment to a variable of type
HTMLBody.) I've looked at the ActiveX objects listed in the
Tools/References box; "Microsoft HTML Object Library" and "Microsoft
Internet Controls" are both checked. I don't know what else I am
expected to do, or can do, to make this stuff available. I also know
that contacting the creator of the object library is not likely to be

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Send email to jsachs177 at earthlink dot net.

Sun, 31 Oct 2004 10:42:51 GMT  
 "Object library feature not supported"???
I figured it out. Open Tools/Reference. UNcheck the components. Close.
Open again. Check the components. Close.

Why I had to do that?...

Send email to jsachs177 at earthlink dot net.

Sun, 31 Oct 2004 21:15:31 GMT  
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