Office XP Mail Merge issue Insertdatabase issue and problems with copying a macro 
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 Office XP Mail Merge issue Insertdatabase issue and problems with copying a macro

Hey im having a few problems ive created an automated report in word
2000 but in 2002 it doesnt work im using mailmerge on a comma
seperated value file and when it runs on word 2002 im prompted for my
delimiter it should know the delilmiter also having a problem with
inserting records from my datasoruce with the
selection.range.insertdatabase command in word 2000 it works fine but
in word 2002 it refuses to insert any data and my query is valid...
one last thing im trying to install/reinstall my macro into the and i can do this using a macro but using visualbasic word
crashes this is my code for that below
any help would be greatly appericated you can reach me on msn

Dim objWord As Object
    Set objWord = CreateObject("word.Application")
 On Error Resume Next
     objWord.Application.OrganizerDelete Source:= _
         "" _
         , Name:="Module4", Object:=wdOrganizerObjectProjectItems
Source:="c:\asr2\", _
         Destination:= _
         "" _
         , Name:="Module4", Object:=wdOrganizerObjectProjectItems

Sat, 14 Feb 2004 03:54:38 GMT  
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