Sending attachment through Lotus Notes using SendObject 
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 Sending attachment through Lotus Notes using SendObject

We are trying to send a report from an Access database,
through Lotus Notes R5.  The platforms having trouble are
Windows 95. (Unfortunately we are not able to upgrade due
to other programs not supported with higher versions of
Windows.)  We use the SendObject command in VBA, and it
sends the initial report fine.  However, as we enter
information for the next report, or as we leave access
open, we receive the following error: "MSACCESS caused an
invalid page fault in module NMSP32.DLL at 0157:0ac7e210.  
I have searched the Lotus support site and the MS
knowledge base, however, I have found no information
relating to this problem.  Has anyone had the problem
previously, are there any workarounds?  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Wed, 21 Sep 2005 00:57:29 GMT  
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