Forms bug dependent on screen resolution 
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 Forms bug dependent on screen resolution

I have encountered an anomaly in Access 7.0 that occurs when the screen
resolution is set to 800 x 600 and the form extends beyond a single
screen but
does NOT occur when the resolution is set higher so that the form fits
a single screen.

This form has a field toward the top of the screen with an on-exit event

procedure that calls up another form in dialog mode, which uses a query
DLookUp() to build a picklist. When the user selects the record he wants
the picklist, the dialog form closes and the rest of the fields are

Toward the bottom of the screen (when in 800 x 600) there is a row of
buttons that do various things like save and print and exit; these all
on-click event procedures.

Below the bottom, so that one has to page-down to see it, is a large
field. There is a page break in the form and navigational buttons to
click for
paging down and paging up. But the anomaly I am about to describe occurs

whether one uses those navigational buttons or the page-down and page-up
on the keyboard.

Here it is: after paging down to enter data in the comment field and
back up, if you click on any button in the row of command buttons, like
the form with the picklist pops up in dialog mode. Then when you close
it, the
event procedure for the selected command button runs. But the picklist
messes up the data entry (the primary form uses unbound fields and
This misbehavior does not occur, however, if you enter data only in the
above the page break--only when you page down and back up.

Any suggestions as to how I can cure this bug? I know I can move the
below the page break to another form, but I would rather not.

Sun, 23 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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