MS Outlook - Need help with forms and publishing 
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 MS Outlook - Need help with forms and publishing

I am having problems with my MS Outlook.  I can design most forms that
I want.  My problem is publishing them and getting them to work.  I
designed a form that has a total of three tabs.  It is about 85k in
size, if I use it, it works fine.

If I copy the form in someone else's computer I get problems and
errors.  I modifyed the Router.msg and I keep getting error's on lines
17 or 34 (more or less these lines).

Is there anyone in Houston, Tx. that can help me?  I have a total of 4
forms that I need to get working.  IF there is a book, video training
or advanced school let me know.  IF you know how to work in MS Outlook
let me know.

Thank you
Daniel Reyes

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Sat, 15 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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