Strange behavior in Add-Ins 
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 Strange behavior in Add-Ins

I've developed an add-in to insert or delete line numbers in Access 97. It
uses the ReplaceLine method on a Module object. The weird part is that if I
use that method more than once (or any method of the Module object, in fact)
my add-in GPFs. So this doesn't work:

for i=1 to 10
    modAny.ReplaceLine i, "Whatever"
Next i

But if I set the object variable to Nothing each time, the function works!

for 1=1 to 10
    Set modAny= Modules("ModuleName")
    modAny.ReplaceLine i, "Whatever"
    Set modAny=Nothing
Next i

Not only that, but each time I put the add-in on a new machine, I have to
delete any lines that refer to the object variable (modAny), compile it, add
the line back in and then re-compile it. If I don't I get another GPF. All
of the GPFs are in the VBA.dll module.

What the hell is up with that?

Sat, 19 Jul 2003 06:03:19 GMT  
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