automation from ms access to ms outlook to do something 
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 automation from ms access to ms outlook to do something

Anyone here doing similar thing before? I want to know
it's possible to do the following task in Microsofoft
Access and Microsoft Outlook.

My boss wanted to me develop a Action Tracking Database
system. There is one major form, frmMeeting which is to
use to key the info such as MeetingID, MeetingDate,
MeetingDescription etc. There is also another subform,
subformAction which is used to key in the action item
arises during a meeting. The fields in the subformAction
are ActionID, ActionDescription,
ActionItemOwnerEmailAddress etc.

There is one button in this form. Once the user clicks on
this button, an email with all the attendees' email
address will fill in the "To" field. A report about
current meeting will be attached to this email message as
Snapshot format. MeetingDescription will become subject of
the email. There will be a standard email message on the
body. It can be easily done using SendObject Method and
DAO recordset method in Ms Access. I already got it done.
Since this code is attached on a button, it's call Private
Sub btnSendEmailWithReportAttach_Click(). Let call this as
first part.

There will be another button on this form. Once the user
clicks on this button, each action item will be turn into
a Task in Microsoft Outlook with each Action Item Owner's
email address fill in "To" field on the Assign TAsk and
the TAsk will be automatically send to each Action Item
Owner. I got it done using DAO recordset and Automation
Microsoft Outlook method.

TO clarify it, let assume for a particular meeting with 10
action items. Every Action Item will has one Action Owner.
Once the user clicks on this button, Microsoft Outlook
will automatically fill in with 10 differents Task Item.
Each Action Owner Email address will fill in the "To"
field of each corresponded TAsk Item. After that, the
message with send ou automatically. Since this code also
attached to a button, it's call Private Sub
btnAddTaskAutomaticallyAndSend_Click(). Let's call it here
as second part.

Now. i want to let user to click on only one button and
get everything done. So, i put the following code
somewhere in the btnAddTaskAutomaticallyAndSend_Click():

Call btnSendEmailWIthReportAttach_Click

Everything is done until this moment for what i want.

Now what i want to do is attached all the Task Item as
attachement on the email generated using SendObject method
as mention on the first part. If i do it manually, when
the email generated with Current Meeting Report attached
as attachment, i need to go to Insert->Item->Task and
select the Task what i want to add as attachment. I'm
aware of every single Task Item must be saved on the
computer before i can actually add in manually.

Can it be done automatically from MS Access with a click
of a button. Once something is saved on Microsoft Outlook
because i don't know how to track it from Microsoft
Access. In Ms Access, at least i can track something
because there is Primary key.

Lim Heng Sin

Sun, 04 Dec 2005 10:25:36 GMT  
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