changing the mouse pointer with vba (powerpoint) 
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 changing the mouse pointer with vba (powerpoint)

I use a touch screen to control a presentation. On the master slide
there are different shapes. With these shapes I start different macros.
(The shapes dont have borders or fills, so that they are invisible.)

When the cursor moves onto the shapes the mouse pointer changes to the
hand because of the hyperlink to the referring macro. I havent found a
way to do this without showing this mouse pointer.

What I have tried:
1. Setting the mouse pointer in the system controls to blank: All
cursors blank only the hand appears?

2. Turning the mouse pointer blank with VBA:

> >  Hand appears


> >  on click nothing happens anymore

3. Use a ActiveX control instead a shape (image without image loaded
and set the background as transparent)
> >  I can see the backcolor in presentation mode (and only in

presentation mode)

4. Searching for the little, special mouse pointer

> >  Never seen it as single file

5. Tried to start the macro without using the action settings
> >  Is there a possibility to say CLICK when using a shape instead of

a Command Button? I havent found it.

6. Posted this message.

Thanks for every hint.

Steffen Hoellein

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Sun, 22 Jun 2003 20:24:35 GMT  
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