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Hello all,

I have a few questions that maybe a few of you can answer
for me.

1) I made a document form and have about 5 macros. They
are currently in 1 module. I reference the name of the
document/template within the code. I will distribute this
form to other users. How can I avoid the problem that
when a user saves the document as a different name, the
macros will not work anymore (Is this possible)?

2) I want to create a userform in word. How do I make it
so this form is opened from my form (ie as I do in a form
field as I assign a field to a macro on entry or exit)?
Or can I assign it to button? Can this userform reference
the objects that are in my VB Macro Modules. I want to
add drop downs on the fly and to populate them. Can I set
a property that will put the dropdown in a specific
location? or will it just be at the top? or can I make
the dropdown hidden? I also need to find information on
how to use (ie program) the ActiveX controls (ie the
Calendar.ocx). Does anyone know where I can find such
information. (ie methods and properties - I tried to find
this information in the help file but to no evail.)

3) Can one change the color (the grey color) of form
fields within the word document?

4) I want to set my dropdowns to say "Select from list"
everytime a user restarts using the form. Right now I
have the following code

("BusinessUnitClass").DropDown.Value = 1

This code sets the value to the first value in the
dropdown. Then the user is placed back in the field that
they need to select from. The only problem with this is
that i assign the macro to the entry of the field before
the macro. So a user only sees that they need to select
if they tab through the field. If they use their mouse,
the validation does not work. Any possible resolutions to

5) Can one set focus when using formfields on a document?

6) Can I set about z-order (tab order). The reason I ask
about zorder is that i have a problem that sometimes I
can not tab to one of the fields. While tabbing, it just
skips the field.

Thank you all for your help!

Tue, 05 Oct 2004 09:06:23 GMT  
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