"Module not found" error 
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 "Module not found" error

Developed a database application back in Access 2.0.  
I've finally moved all the users off Win 3.1.1 and began
converting to newer versions of Access.  Lots of VBA Code
in need of conversion.

Started work on a machine with Access 2000 and was able
to everything to compile and most of the code to run
correctly but was still getting small errors.  Bought a
new machine loaded with Access 2002, moved the database
over to the new machine and now can't get it to compile.  
I get an error "Module not found" with a "Help" and "OK"
button, but the Help was no help.  It gives no indication
what Module it's unable to find.  I've compared
references selected on the two machines and they're
identical EXCEPT for the "Microsoft Access 9.0 Object
Library" on the old machine and "Microsoft Access 10.0
Object Library".

Old machine is Win95.  New machine is Windows XP.

Any ideas?

Sat, 05 Feb 2005 12:48:27 GMT  
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