Filling combo box text box area from data 
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 Filling combo box text box area from data

Look at the Column property - this will probably be more efficient than
accessing the underlying tables (eg DLookup).


> Hi!

> Perhaps one of the gurus out there can help me with this.  I have
> created a form with several combo boxes.  The combos are keyed to
> lookup tables.  They display text data, and use numeric IDs to fill
> the data table.  I want to display the data in the table.  

> I have set up a recordset, selected the record for display via SQL,
> and wish to convert the IDs back to their text values.  Using DLookup,
> I can fill the text boxes which are linked to the combo boxes.  But
> the combo boxes come up blank.  

> Here's some sample code:
> myLookupTable:
> fldTableTextID           fldTableTextCode            fldTableText
>       1                     "S"                         "Stuff"
>       2                     "O"                         "Other Stuff"

> DataTable:
> fldTableTextID          
>       1

> With rs

> ID = " & !fldTableTextID)


- Show quoted text -

> ID = " & !fldTableTextID)

> If the first record of the DataTable is selected via SQL,
> txtFirstTextBox, which contains the text equivalent of fldTableTextID,
> will correctly display "Stuff"; cboFirstComboBox should display "S",
> but does not.

> Any thoughts?

> Thanks in advance.
> Michael Dimen     MCP win95 Excel 5.0
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Thu, 04 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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