Problem with ODBC Connect!!!! 
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 Problem with ODBC Connect!!!!

Well, this is the little problem I have:
    Form: collects userid and password from user, after user enters data and
hits ok the following code should run:

Private Sub OKComando_Click()
    On Error GoTo ErrorCatcher
    Dim mydb As Database
    Dim theset As QueryDef
    Dim theone As Recordset
    Dim strsql As String
    Dim myUserid As String
    Dim myPswd  As String
    myUserid = Me![userID]
    myPswd = Me![Password]
    Set mydb = CurrentDb()
    Set theset = mydb.CreateQueryDef("quer11")
    theset.Connect = "ODBC; DSN = eldb2con; DATABASE = eldb2con;uid=" &
myUserid & ";" & "pwd=" & myPswd & ";"
    theset.SQL = "select * from sysdba.tsa_file_dly where cmpl_dt =
    Set theone = mydb.OpenRecordset("quer11")
    Do While Not theone.EOF
        Debug.Print theone!host_id & " " & theone!cmpl_dt
    Set mydb = Nothing
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Error$
    Resume Login_mcr_cancel_Exit:
End Sub

But I get stucked in the ODBC connect part, can somebody shine some light on
this problem


Sun, 09 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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