Public Folder home page with Outlook View Control and Restriction problem 
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 Public Folder home page with Outlook View Control and Restriction problem

I have a home page with an OVC embedded, and I'm trying to create
command buttons that will filter by the [Categories] field. With the
code below I am getting an error message, "Unspecified error"
referring to the line that sets the restriction. I have a custom view
set on the folder.

<SCRIPT language="VBScript">
Sub showCategory(strSearch)
Dim strRestrict
strRestrict ="[Categories]='" & strSearch & "'"
ViewCtl1.Restriction = strRestrict
End Sub
<img src='CCLOGO.GIF' height='10%'>
<TABLE WIDTH='100%'>
<TR><TD ALIGN='right'>
<A href="KMAdmin.asp">Admin?<%=CHR(187)&CHR(187)%></A></TD></TR></TABLE>
<FONT size=5>Systems Knowledge Management</FONT>
<object ID="ViewCtl1"

<input type=button name='btnHardware' value='Hardware'
onclick="showCategory('Hardware')" ></input>

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 01:30:44 GMT  
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