strange behavior 
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 strange behavior

Hi there,

I use a docmd Command to send automatically a Excel report to about 21

On Error GoTo Fehler1:
            DoCmd.SendObject acReport, stDocName, _
                acFormatXLS, _
                IIf(RstAdjust!Email, rst!Email, "mail") _
                , , , _
                strAdressen_Text, _
                strDialog, False
            On Error GoTo 0

But strange enough, Access 2000 quits SOMETIMES with the following error
message. Well, I am testing and using the same data, the same Outlook 2000
environment and the same programs open. The Systen-, user-, and GDI
ressources are between 45 and 52%, so that should be enough. I have about
250 MB free disk space and I am running on 98, 2.nd ed.

Any hint?


Sun, 10 Aug 2003 07:00:29 GMT  
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