Send form using Outlook, "For Astrid" 
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 Send form using Outlook, "For Astrid"

About using the Send to Routing Recepient to send a word
doc through outlook.

I figured out a way to get around the problem.
When i use the code to send the form the first time, its
but if i use it again, it will error out.
Why, The only thing i can think of is because when
something is sent through the Routing method, it shows
send to next routing recepient, and does not show send to
mail recepient.  Something changes when its sent through
that method.
So if i make the form, and never have it saved before its
sent for the first time, i have no problems.

Here is the code if your interested.

ActiveDocument.HasRoutingSlip = True
With ActiveDocument.RoutingSlip
  .Subject = "Supply Request"

  .Delivery = wdAllAtOnce
End With

Msg = "Message Has Been Sent!"
   Style = vbOK
   Title = "Sent"
   response = MsgBox(Msg)



Sat, 31 Jul 2004 00:42:12 GMT  
 Send form using Outlook, "For Astrid"
Hi Nick,

> When i use the code to send the form the first time, its
> ok.
> but if i use it again, it will error out.

Ok. So what exactly do you mean? Is your code in a template(.dot) or in a document (.doc)
If the latter, is what you're saying is, I made a document, send it once and it was ok, send the same doc for the second time and it's not ok?
It could be that since the routingslip is set the first time, it errors the second time because it's still filled in a sort of way.
What happens if you first set the HasRoutingSlip property to False and then to True again?

    ActiveDocument.HasRoutingSlip = False
    ActiveDocument.HasRoutingSlip = True

Hope this helps,

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Sat, 31 Jul 2004 05:25:19 GMT  
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