copy module to another module 
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 copy module to another module

Does anyone know how to copy a module (Module 2) to the coding behind a
worksheet (Sheet3 (Central Office))?

Tue, 03 Feb 2004 22:56:57 GMT  
 copy module to another module

You could manipulate the workbook's VBA project with code.  To do this you
need to reference the VBA Extensibility library (in the VBA Editor for your
workbook, go to Tools > References and check "Visual Basic Extensibility

Then you could use code like this to append the code from one module to

    Dim oBook As Workbook
    Dim oModule1 As VBComponent, oModule2 As VBComponent

    Set oBook = Workbooks.Open("c:\book1.xls")
    Set oModule1 = oBook.VBProject.VBComponents("Module1")
    Set oModule2 = oBook.VBProject.VBComponents("Sheet1")

    'Get the code in Module1
    Dim n As Long, sCode As String
    n = oModule1.CodeModule.CountOfLines
    sCode = oModule1.CodeModule.Lines(1, n)

    'Append the code from Module1 to the code module for Sheet1
    n = oModule2.CodeModule.CountOfLines
    'oModule2.CodeModule.DeleteLines 1, n 'Use if you want to clear the
code in Sheet1 first
    oModule2.CodeModule.InsertLines n + 1, sCode

Hope this helps,

Lori Turner
Microsoft Developer Support



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>>Does anyone know how to copy a module (Module 2) to the coding behind a
>>worksheet (Sheet3 (Central Office))?

Mon, 09 Feb 2004 11:58:55 GMT  
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