Excel Add-ins - GetObject err.number=-2147024895 
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 Excel Add-ins - GetObject err.number=-2147024895


I'm trying to modify an EXCEL file from an Access module
(Office 97).

If EXCEL is closed, the line
  Set My_Excel_Fich = GetObject("FichIn.xls")
produces the err.number -2147024895 (nowhere documented)

The reason behind it is that the EXCEL add-ins "Analysis
ToolPack" and "Analysis ToolPack-VBA" are installed. When
the procedure 'opens' the EXCEL file, it seems to try to
run code related with those add-ins and then it generates
the error above.

Have you ever had this problem? Did you manage to
circunvent it? How?


Wed, 03 Nov 2004 00:35:53 GMT  
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