sorry but again: GUID and AUTONUMBER (not GUID only, not AUTONUMBER only, but both) 
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 sorry but again: GUID and AUTONUMBER (not GUID only, not AUTONUMBER only, but both)

I thank you for viewing and replying my previous post on this issue. I'm not
quite sure if the suggested sql commands will do the job, but i'd rather
make an empty table as a template before hand and use CopyObject method
later. Anyway, my users won't see any difference since it is not allowed for
them to use Access to open my mdb files directly -- it's not a perfect
sollution for me.
Before I decided to go the CopyObject way, I had tried other methods,
ImportXML/ExportXML. ExportXML works well, but ImportXML always raises
run-time error '-2146697203 (&H800c000d)': Automation error. I looked it up
in the help file, vbaac10.chm, and online msdn (which are the same), only to
find the definitions are inconsistant. The number of parameters are not the
same! the names and types, except the first.

Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:14:37 GMT  
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