Trapping Project Open Event in COM Add-in 
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 Trapping Project Open Event in COM Add-in

I have developed a MS Project COM Addin that loads on

I can do everything required in my add-in except trap the
Project Open event.

When project first loads, I can successfully receive the
OnConnection event.

I have created a class with events to receive Application
events, but the Application object only exposes a new
project event, not the open event.

My COM DLL must be able to receive the Project open event
when my customer opens an existing project.

I know that I can trap this event in the VBA code in
Project itself; however my end-user solution is based on
delivering the COM Add-In.

How can I trap this event in my COM add-in?

Sat, 07 Aug 2004 08:50:37 GMT  
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