Retrieving File Info 
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 Retrieving File Info

I'm using Access 97, and I've written code to go out and retrieve file
information based on whatever directory the user enters:  For example, if the
user enters "C"\My Documents\", the names of all of the files in that directory
(and any subdirectory) will be put into a table in the database.  Also, various
information about the file is included, as well (ie, file size, date created,

The issue is this:  if the user selects a directory with many files (say, more
than 5,000) the module crashes.  I'm using the "CreateObject
("Scripting.FileSystemObject")" function to retrieve the file information.  Any
ideas as to why this happens??

PS  The same module in Access 2000 seems to work fine, though.



Wed, 03 Dec 2003 05:56:22 GMT  
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