error 7 in access 7.0 not enough memory 
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 error 7 in access 7.0 not enough memory

the computer is a pentium 200 mhz, has 64 mb memory and 4 gb diskspace.
I develop a new application with two separated databases one for
forms/eports and one for datas. datas are linked tables in the
i use access 7.0 for windows 95 with the updated vba232.dll.

i have a form with the list of people as an endless form. With a
commandbutton I open a form as popupform, showing more details. in this
form i am using the tabstrip-ocx control and 4 subforms, corresponding
data from the mainform.

when i changed a value in and  the record will be updated by access , i
call in the beforeupdateform-event a public sub for updating date and user
in this record.

this common sub in the module has the code

sub glrupdateChanges(frmany as form)

  if frmany.dirty then
      if isnull(frm!userCreate) then

end sub

I got the first error "error in ole-automation", then alway the error 7 -
"not enough memory". the help of ms says a lot of possibility reason for
this error. One of them is
to many public variables, i have 20. ms access is the only runnig
 the application consists of

   40 tables
   20 queries
   40 forms and subforms (only mainform and the subforms are open(max 2)
   5 reports
   6 modules

When i move form and module into the database with the data , all works

does anybody knows a reason of this error ?
Is this an error of VBA or access ?



Fri, 03 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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