Print Embedded Attachments from within Word 2000 doc 
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 Print Embedded Attachments from within Word 2000 doc

I posted this several days ago in the beginner's group but
got no response -- hopefully someone in this group can
help me.  Thanks!

I have a macro that prints all doc attachments that are
embedded as objects in a Word 2000 document (code provided
at end of doc).  I have it set to to skip those with PROG
ID of "package" but print all others (like Excel spread
sheets , other Word docs, etc.).

It works fine for Word docs but I have 2 problems:

1. It doesn't print Excel spreadsheets even though they do
not appear with and ProgID of "package".  I suspect I need
to switch control somehow to Excel to open the sheet then
print then close it but I'm not sure if that is true
and/or if there is an easier way. Also, I don't know how
to do this if it is needed.

2.  I also want to be able to print items with .txt
extensions but they have an ID of "package". Any one know
how I can programmatcally open/print these docs? I could
check for file extension .txt but then how do I get it to
open/print it? I suspect that would put me in the same
bind as #1 -- opening/printing via another application
(i.e. notepad?)?

Thanks for your help!

Here is mycode:

Sub PRINT_Attachments()
' PRINT_Attachments Macro  -- to print attachments in a doc
'  Comments:  TYPE=1 is an embedded object
x = 0
x = ActiveDocument.InlineShapes.Count

Do While x <> 0
If ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(x).Type = 1 Then
 If ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(x).OLEFormat.ProgID
<> "Package" Then
  End If
End If
x = x - 1
End Sub

Sat, 31 Dec 2005 20:38:12 GMT  
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