Hotmail Thru Outlook Express: Suddenly Can't Access 
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 Hotmail Thru Outlook Express: Suddenly Can't Access

Does anybody know why I suddenly cannot access my hotmail acount through
Outlook Express 5.0.2 on my G4 Mac? It always worked before, but has
suddenly stopped for the past 3-4 days. The Hotmail symbol is shown in the
Folders list, but there are no Inbox, Sent, Bulk Mail folders. When I click
on the Hotmail symbol, the bar at the bottom indicates it is searching my
mail on the hotmail site, but the window just remains blank. When I go into
my hotmail account through the webbrowser there is no problem.

I tried removing the Outlook Express program and replacing it with a new one
downloaded from Microsoft's website, but no improvement. I tried removing
and re-making the Hotmail account in the Accounts window, also no
improvement. I even installed a new system 9.1 on my computer, still no

It started after Outlook Express suddenly shut itself down 3-4 days ago when
I clicked Send & Receive. That problem has not repeated itself since then.
Could there be some virus that has snuck in through a group mail I opened
prior to this occurance? I have Norton Anti-Virus installed though.

Michael Perlmutter

Fri, 16 Apr 2004 02:25:24 GMT  
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