Help files don't work after running procedure 
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 Help files don't work after running procedure

I am trying to write a procedure to update a combo box if the value isn't
in it. There is a example in help
that I used. The problem is when it tries to add the data to the rowsource
it looks for a table/query with
the name of the data I entered. After going back and forth from the form to
the code the help just quits
working for all windows apps. If I restart the p.c. it works again. Is this
something I could be doing with the
code or do I have other problems? I would also like any help with the code
for this procedure. I have a combo box that gets its data from a table and
is bound to a field in another table. The rowsource is set to
the data table so I can't figure out why it looks for the data name!  I'm a
new to code so any help welcome!
Thanks Jo

Mon, 12 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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