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 Experience VB Programmer Available - Contract

I'm an experienced Visual Basic programmer (VB6) with 8 years VB
experience and 25 years overall programming experience (C, C++,
fortran, Pascal, VB, PowerBuilder etc.). I'm currently looking for
offsite VB work as an independent or sub contractor. I can telecommute
anywhere worldwide, so location is not a problem.

I also specialise in construction and development of Microsoft
Word97/2000 document templates and Excel97/2000 spreadsheet

I've developed all type of business applications including
Telecommunications, Defence, POS,  Retail, and Wholesale.

Contracts can be established as either fixed price or on an hourly
basis and all contracts are billed in Australian dollars. Therefore,
for US and Europe initiated contracts offers very competitive rates.
International reference sites are available, if required.

My educational background includes a BS in Chemistry, a BS in Physics,
a GDip in Computer.

If my experience and abilities meet your current requirements then

it further.

Thank you.

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Tue, 07 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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