Looking for Office Developer(s) - context menus, Smart Tags 
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 Looking for Office Developer(s) - context menus, Smart Tags


I'm looking for one or more developers that have experience developing
applications around Microsoft Office; in particular, Outlook and Word.  The
application needs context menus, such that certain actions can be performed
on, say, a contact item.  Smart Tags support would also be nice.  These
actions will need to be logged, perhaps in an Outlook folder, so that the
user can review the items and possibly generate reports.

The underlying application will also involve TCP/IP sockets and/or HTTP (we
can use a third-party tool as needed).  I can help with this part, I just
don't know Office programming at all.

Experience with bar codes would also be helpful, but not strictly necessary.

Here's the kicker:  I can't pay you directly.  I intend to sell the
application to a large corporation, and I'm confident they will purchase it
if it is done right.  We would split the profits.  I can give you details
about the application and about the corporation in question after signing a
Non Disclosure Agreement.  The sale price could be in the range of $300K -

By the way, if you know Java as well, let me know.  If this goes well,
there's going to be a Phase II project.

Jersey, by the way.


Mike Mills

Sat, 03 Jul 2004 02:11:28 GMT  
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