problem mailmerging a Word 95 document from Access 95 
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 problem mailmerging a Word 95 document from Access 95


I am trying to generate from Access 95 a Word 95 (both Dutch versions,
but that is not the problem) document containing price quotes.

The problem is that WordBasic or VBA does not seem to understand the
named paramaters that i give it. E.g. it tells me that a file that is
really in the named path cannot be opened because it does not exist. I
have worked around all this by stating only the values of the parameters

and omitting their names. This works: I can open a template, set all the

mailmerge options, save the document. One problem though: I can't START
the actual merging.

When I try all this from Word itself, it works fine.  Does anyone know a



Sat, 20 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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