DoCmd.OutputTo just stops in Access 2000 
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 DoCmd.OutputTo just stops in Access 2000

Hello.  I have been running into an problem that I would like to toss
around with some people and see what exactly is going on.  I am
running a little bit of Access Code to convert a report (stored in
rptName) into a SNP.  Now, most of the time, it works.  But sometimes,
when converting some of the reports, it just stops.  I follow the code
execute right down to the DoCmd.Output and then just stops.  It
doesn't continue past it.  Now, if an Error occurs, my thought is
Access should tell me or the On Error should catch it, but nothing
happens.  It just sits there.  I press F5 or F8 as a helpful little
nudge, but nothing continues.  The code more or less stops and I don't
see any reason why.  And it is an intermediate problem, it doesn't
happen All the Time, just Some of the Time.

If you have any thoughts or ideas or experience you can relate to me,
let me know.


<code above>

strPathandFileName = GetUniqueFilename(strPath, "SNP" & Chr(0), "snp")
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, rptName, acFormatSNP,

<code below>

Mon, 17 Jan 2005 00:27:43 GMT  
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